She geta married... Sheesh

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Location 3 - Some Art Gallery

Pros -
Relatively Cheap
Nice and Clean
Can serve a buffet style meal

Cons -
Clumsy guests (or myself) might knock over the artwork and have to pay for it
Where the hell would people sit?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Location Option 2 - Portland Art Museum

Art museum
In the City

It's outside
Atmosphere maybe urban, but a little stuffy
Just imagine how much this would cost ?!?!

Location scouter option 1 - Northstar Ballroom

Maybe not....We're not exactly the Victorian B & B types. Also, I'm not too sure we can picture ourselves getting married... "Out in Nature." I just have images of veils and table cloths blowing away, Skirts flying up... getting married by the ocean... dead seagulls and the smell of fish aren't all that appealling to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the beach, I just don't want to get married on it, unless I'm wearing a bikini and snorkel and am ready to dive into the ocean right after the 'I do's.'

I'm going to just record a number of places as we go along here with Pros & Cons.

Northstar Ballroom

- Close to home and our neighborhood
- Big enough

-Too much Victoriana... not our style
- Starting Price: $1200 - for that place?

Ota wedding? Are you out of your mind?!!

Maybe not completely... it seems that only my closest friends really can understand this, and of course that's why they're my friends.

I guess the purpose of this blog was really to record ideas I had as well as capture images that got the creative juices going.

And about my fiance? He's into planning a wedding about as much as any normal red-blooded male is into planning weddings. Actually... not that much.

Though I did notice that when I brought up the idea of treating it as more a celebration/party with themes that surrounded us and our 'goofiness.' The enthusiasm factor seemed to inch up the reader board at least a few centimeters.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Like OMG... I want to....


I went to the Portland Bridal Show last weekend and for the most part was reaffirmed that I didn't want to do my wedding the traditional ways presented. I did get some ideas about the cake and food. But what a fricking racket! First you need to consider corking fees, then cake cutting fees, and little swans with mints in them, and a three thousand dollar gown. I also found out that equipment rental companies often raise their rates for weddings when it comes to the chairs, tables, etc. F- that.

I finally decided... all that hooo-hah, is not for me or us... we want to make our own sort of hooh-hah. My dear fiance and I spoke about it in some length and decided that we wanted to have the thing really be representative of us and our personalities, wants and likes. The stuff we care about and find playful and attractive about each other.

I'm thinking more of a warehousey-loft space. With multimedia video/music visuals going on... Something, fun, something us... godzilla and ultraman on the wedding cake. Otaku-ish wedding favors... don't worry, nothing very Hello Kitty. Crayons and pastels for folks to draw on the table paper... maybe even modelling clay...Just fun and happy times. Plus I'm not really big on the traditional. Some people celebrate their love, so do we... just in our own way.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Cheongsam

Some more options...

I'm so superficial

So I've been thinking of dresses...

Okay I know there's more to this wedding thing than clothes, but you've got to start somewhere... I've been thinking about themes... I swear...

Sheesh! and DOUBLE SHEESH!

Just came home from the bookstore.

I looked through the Bridal Section, rifling through bargain guides, etiquette books, bridal planners, schlocky little pocket books that give you cute little sets of vows as easily as a plaid covered life manuals. Then there are the books of lists...

Don't forget... invitations, the theme, the dress, the bridesmaids, the rings, the seating arrangements, the parents, the music, the flowers, the caterer, the hor d'ouvres, the wine list, the reception area, the toast, the place-settings, the favors, boutoneers, boquets, place cards, your in-laws, your fancy undergarments, the engagement party, the rehearsal dinner your budget...

After one hour and being bombarded with one guide after another which offered a gamut of advice from setting up your own planning too in a folding file system to hiring a wedding planner... the idea of running away and eloping started to become incredibly attractive. Screw that?

Besides I don't like most of the ideas and conventions that are out there.

I read through a few questionnaires geared at helping on plan.... Then I ran into the question, "do you want your wedding to be 'spicy' or 'zen-like?' (Personally, I think that the biggest problem with achieving simplicity is the stress it takes to get there). Uhhhg, uhhhhhg.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Okay so we've decided that we're going to get married

What the F?
What do I do now?

I'm not your traditional sort of bride. In fact, I'd like to liken myself to Agnes Gooch from Auntie Mame (sans the trials of being an unwed mother). If anyone were to approach me on that day they might hear me proclaim in a cracked and bewildered voice (not without tones of joy and elation).... I'M A BRIDE!!!!!

And since we're speaking of movies... I've seen many a woman turn into the monster bride caricatured darkly in that movie... Very Bad Things. Why... I know that there was a reality show somewhere called Bridezilla or something like that. Though reality shows portray caricatures of life rather than reality... we all know that the extremes that they depict do exist. More it's possible for any woman about to become married to undergo a metamorphosis into Bridezilla. I just have to ask myself... if that's what they're like on their wedding day, I wonder what the rest of their marriage will be like.

I don't want to undergo that kind of stress... If it's enevitable, I say... why not end the wedding with a Pie fight scene?

I believe that it's important for anyone who's getting married regardless of whether they choose a traditional ceremony or not... (because if traditional is who they are there's nothing wrong with that) that they feel absolutely comfortable with what they're doing and the reasons behind it.